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Since the discovery of bacterial communities living in symbiosis with the human bodies, over 120,000 research studies have been conducted to understand this relationship. The Atlas Microbiome Test (Ohmygut®) was developed based on the results of this research. Clear links have been established for many aspects of our health, like microbiome protection from specific diseases, immunity, vitamin production, diet and nutrition.


  • Disease protection­

    The ratios of different bacteria in your gut can influence your level of protection from obesity, diabetes type II, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and coronary heart disease.

  • Microbiome diversity­

    The diversity of your microbiome assesses the number of species present and their ability to synthesise vitamins and butyrate, an important short-chain fatty acid that helps maintain the integrity of your gut lining.

  • Food recommendations­

    The test establishes a personalised list of recommended foods that can balance your microbiome.

Vitamins & Nutrition

  • Vitamin synthesis­

    Gut bacteria produce vitamins and may influence nutrient levels in the body.

  • Dietary fibre­

    This test evaluates your gut bacteria’s ability to break down dietary fibre, which is essential for microbiome and overall health.

  • Butyrate­

    The microbiome breaks down dietary fibre in butyrate, an essential short-chain fatty acid that maintains the gut lining and prevents inflammation.



    Most people’s microbiomes fall into one of 3 categories.


    Determines how resistant your microbiome is to negative factors.


    People in different places have different microbiomes. This test shows what nationality your diet is most similar to.

Changes in the Microbiome


The microbiome is strongly influenced by external factors like eating habits, antibiotics, illness and more.
This also means that you can strengthen it by modifying your diet. For the best results, we recommend doing this test at regular intervals and after any important changes in your lifestyle, which will allow you to follow up and make positive changes for your overall well-being.

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